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Smiling Headshot


Posted on 2009.05.19 at 09:51
Wake up this morning a touch late, but not so much so that I'll be late to work.
Do some quick morning emails from home (this has become a habit while I wake up, yay VPN).
Grab my sample ballot and head to the car.
*click click click* Oh that's not good.
*whirr whirr whirrr* Damnit. Car is NOT turning over (could be just battery replace, could be altenator, my headlights weren't on and I don't think the interior lights were...)
Come back inside, email work and then walk to my polling station.
Come back home, start working and trying to figure out how to get the car jumped so that I can go see a mechanic (even if it is just the battery car needs an oil change and so I can just find extra money somewhere right?)

And I say ugh to my day which is only an hour old.


The Supreme God of Rianland
whalejudge at 2009-05-19 17:06 (UTC) (Link)
Hugs and sympathies.
avivalasvegas at 2009-05-19 23:34 (UTC) (Link)
hope things improved as your day went on!
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