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I love my work

If you are around me a fair bit in person you probably already know this and I know I've posted similarly before, but it is still a novelty to me.

I love what I do. I love calling people at Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo on a regular basis. Working with one of the giants of my childhood and companies with such legacies is awe-inspiring and yet also brings realism to me. I have learned that behind every great idea/product is a hard working team of humans subject to human follies and failures as well as success and strengths.

I love working in the video game industry. There is a sense of fun, of youth, of activity, of just awesome in this industry. Everyone I've met during network events has that same air. The only worry I have is getting 'old'. I rarely see people over 40 and even more rarely see people over 50. Doesn't mean that won't change over the next 10 years, but still something I think about.

I love working at this company. 2K (a subsidary of Take-Two) makes good games. Take-Two has a good overall corporate structure to it. We had a Town Hall meeting today with the Chairman of our board and while I was initially scared of what that could be it was truly just a meeting to give the state of the state (a mixed bag, but an honest assessment) and to have him available for honest Q&A with our label. It was nice. I may have developed a crush on him. Not in a "I'm going to leave Chesh" way, but in a "Wow, you are smart and honest and charismatic and I'm glad you are leading my company" way. One of the most real 'suits' I've ever met.

I love the people I work with day in a day out. We all have open door/desk policies and that has helped me three times today alone. I've had a few hallway meetings that were productive. I have good email exchanges that have playful aspects while also a serious work undertone. I may be upset on a occasion about a single action by someone, but in general the team is hardworking, hardplaying and fair. There isn't much drama about credit stealing or fighting over assets or pointing fingers for blame.

Coming from a background where I was frustrated at what I had to do daily, where I didn't feel like I gelled with the people around me, where I didn't feel like I could approach upper management, where I didn't feel happy walking into work, this is a revelation.

And that's made me work harder and work smarter and care more about the quality of my work, than all previous dollars or prestige at other companies. I make 'those games for kids' and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Statistics, Sources and Damn Lies

So, a coworker (who I actually like) sent out the following link today:

Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think

The point of the article is to use startling facts to get people who aren't involved in the Social Networking space to realize its potential. I suspect it is half 'ra-ra go Social Networking' and half 'if you are a 50+ y/o CEO who doesn't know what Twittering is, this is why you should pay attention.' ETA: This is actually a blog maintained by someone who just released a book on this space

However, because I'm a bad person, I distrust such 'facts' off the bat. While at least article lists sources, many of the sources are summary links of other sources.

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As I said: The basic premise of the article is solid. The generation who is not 20-30 and uses these things as a second breathing, need to understand the importance of them. But I don't think using misleading, incorrect, or otherwise bullshit stats is a good idea. Nor do I think one should masquerade opinions as facts.

But I will note:

I got this article through work Email, from our person who does a lot on our corporate websites and our Twitter.
I twitter'd in anger about just wanting sources.
I IM'd a friend about several salient points.
I wrote this up on a blog (not facebook because I don't want to start a shitstorm with my coworker).
I used Facebook, Wikipedia, Firefox and other online sources when composing this blog.
I may even comment it to the author back, as they asked for feedback, and that is online interaction feeding back on itself.

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TAKEN - Free to a good home - Corsets & Bloomers

Edited with updated status, holy crap you guys are fast

I'm moving and I realize that I have not worn and have also outslimmed the three corsets I own.

1) (TAKEN) Black & Purple leather corset. Modeled front:
Modeled Back: Off the rack, think as a medium.

It says Medium, is still lightly worn. Suitable for outer or under wear.

(1) Has been claimed by Miss Emelia and then Ms. black sheep as per below.

2) (PROMISED) Black & Purple cloth corset, from Xentricies. Made to my measurements when I was in the 200+ weight range. Suitable for outer or under wear.

Email from Noirem through list, then ragani, then Tshuma. Then Fezzis.

3) (POSSIBLY TKAEN) Magenta corset w/gold trim. Made for my measurements in 2002. (C cup, 190 lbs) For under wear though pretty for private showings.

Possibly for Tshuma if fits, else to ragani or Fezzis.

4) (TAKEN) Bloomers: White long, with beaded fringe. Bought for a day trip to Dickens.

Emailed from the lovely nullax for these, then Noirem.

All are free to whomever wants as I'm not getting use out of them so they should get some love. I'm in Berkeley for now and would prefer a pickup in the evenings or early on Saturday morning. Email me or comment here. (x-posted to Pryanksters list)
Angst (pity party)

The Weight of Stuff

As part of my moving I'm trying to be very good about culling. This has included one of the hardest tasks for me:

Getting rid of books.

I'm a pack rat in general, but I'm a bibliophile as well. I like the look and feel of books. I like having a bookcase full of books. It is part show-off "Hey world, this is what I've read and what I like." It is also part visible history tracking. Here are the Xanth books from my teen years. Here is the spat of Sailor Moon and other mangas from college. There are my Wicca books and my search for spiritual resolution. Over there are my stash of well worn fantasy paperbooks. Nearby is the transitory fantasy/romance novels. Then there are the really Harlequin and historial romance novels. My writing books I've collected over the years. Etc. The various strata that make up my development of me, my touchstones for how I've learned to see the world.

To a much lesser extent (though it used to be more) books were also my library. I would lend them out, but I haven't done so nearly as much, in no small part because I don't entertain as much as I used to.

I look at my books and I see value for re-reading, I see an investment in entertainment, and I see all the above. But I also see weight of a move. And (with a small nudge from Jason) I'm really evaulating them. Truth time: I rarely re-read books. I have a few, but the vast majoirty of books I read once. As noted above, I don't lend them out and at this point, I don't think of lending them even when possibly appropriate. While I tell myself that Jason may read them at some point, as an added value, our tastes are different and he's already either read or dismissed the chance at reading most of the books. I also have not a small number of books that I'll never read. Ones I picked up on a lark during my years pursuing the writing angle. So I really do have very weighty collection of dust-collectors.

I've managed to fill a large duffle bag twice with books. First cull was easy stuff: TSR/WotC fiction from when I was doing research for the Forgotten Realms and Eberron submissions. Same for some White Wolf Fiction. Books I've owned for more than 7 years and never read. Books that I don't even recognize the author name any more. Some YA that I won't lend out. Doubles of a very select few. Poker books as I'm not dealing and not playing much any more. For my efforts, I was able to sell them for $18. That was way less than I was expecting for 30 odd books, less than 50 cents per. But, as noted these were ones I didn't value and probably wouldn't move quickly so okay, I can deal with supply & demand.

The next set was harder. I pulled a lot of SFBC editions in hardbound, full series by authors whom I like (McCaffery, Lackey, etc.) but not my faves (Freedom series, Storms series, etc.) I pulled the entire Landover, Kingdom for Sale, Sold! in hardbound. I pulled some misc. books I'd missed on my first cull. I pulled the Witchworld books from Norton that I've never read even though I bought them at a used bookstore years ago. etc. This haul was heavier in both weight I had to physically carry and weight in my heart. But I consoled myself with the fact that these books would fetch a greater price. So I trudged them down to Half-Price Books and waited. When my name was called, I went up and was told: $14.

I didn't mean to, but I whined and argued (nicely, in a civil tone) with the lady. Why was the price so low? She said that they have a very hard time reselling the Book Club books. Okay, I don't really understand it but I'll believe her. But I looked at the pile of book club books, and she'd lumped original publishers in there. Like, Del Ray and Tor hardbounds. When I asked her, she said that they were the same size as the book club books (WHAT?) and that the authors in question (notably Terry Brooks and the Landover series) sold better in paperback. I finally left off questioning her and left the books there, but my heart was heavier than when I came in.

The emotional struggle to give up my collection is hard enough. It is worse to go through that emotional journey and then be kicked in the teeth by being told that these things you value and glady paid $6-10 each for are worth roughly a quarter (which they will either give away or resell). The books that I didn't care about (a Joy of Signing and some other stuff) was getting more like $0.75 - $1.00 each (definately to be resold). I know that I'm taking a hit by selling to a third party who then has to resell and make back the money for the person who helped me and the storage anf iling, so I understand I'm going to get 10-20% of their true resale value. But it just seems like so little for treasures that transport you.

This isn't an entry so much looking for help (I could privately sell them if the money mattered, but my time matters more to me). This entry is mostly me, examining my feelings and saying good bye to the books I've already gotten rid of and prepping myself to get rid of more.

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More moving update

Someone wants my old Sofa & Armchair. Yay. So hopefully that means that the Sofa, Armchair, Bed and my print are all spoken for. Which is a great help (thank you to people here looking at those things).

I researched yesterday a few paperwork details, but I still need to setup PG&E and Internet Services.

I did set aside another full bag of books to sell off/get rid of, though I didn't manage to do the Clothing. Tonight!

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Moving update

What I did yesterday: Umm... nothing really. I confirmed that the Freecycle posting went through and that was about it. Whee for long days at work.

Tonight: I will make at least one bag of clothes to give away and one bag of books to give away.
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Moving Stuff

(Mostly for my records, akin to publically noting word counts.

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Big Ticket things I still need to do:
List my Queen Sized Bed on Craiglist.
Alternately: Anyone want to make me an offer on a Queen Sized bed: Frame [sled style, slats for the head and footboard, good for tying with cloth if you are into that], mattress is a Sleep Comfort and lightly used; matching box spring
Decide if I'm keeping my desk and switching to that at the new place rather than card table
Further Cull my books, movies, video games, clothing so that I have less to move.
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Gamer Girl

RPG & FPS Made a Baby

Disclaimer: I work for 2K Games but the below is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of Take-Two.


So glad I can share anything at all about Borderlands with you guys. I'm really looking forward to this title this fall (October 20) and seriously looking for some LAN party goodness (or Xbox 360 Gaming goodness). 4 player Co-Op, unique art style, Character Classes with Skills, and lots of guns. WHEE.

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RIP Charles Brown (editor/founder of Locus) (via jaylake)

This, to me, represents the end of Era. I was lucky enough to be employed by Charles at Locus for a summer. It was a glorious summer and one of my touchstones of my life. Charles I remember fondly as a teacher, an editor, a crotchety old man, and a toddler. He actually said to me that he loved getting old because it meant he could throw tantrums again. He was endearing, sweet, and knew how to get the most out of people.

My interview was the result of an email I sent wherein I expressed my love of Science Fiction as well as my desire to learn some of the magazine trade. I was hired directly following my interview, literally starting work within minutes of it ending. Locus was published out of his home in the Oakland hills, which offered a stunning view and an even more stunning library in the baseball. I helped with filing, organizing, general office management, editing and coordinating subscriptions. I also took Charles out to shop for house and office every Friday and learned much from him. He was given to lecture about the state of the industry, the ups and downs of the genre, the rising stars and the past comets. He was friendly to all he met and I think he knew just about everyone in the science fiction world and many of those on the fringe. He reached out to others and touched them, changed them. While I still don't have any fiction published, my writing improved under his tutelage and he was kind enough to have me review a few books while I was working there. I was unable to continue to do so upon my return to college, but his red pen of editing helped me see my verbosity.

I will always have a fond place in my heart for Charles and I smile whenever I see Locus. I'm pleased to know his legacy will live on and I know that the group he has left in charge will carry on the tradition.

I will definitely be picking up a copy of the August issue to honor one of the bright stars of SF.

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Changing scenes

Today I purged the 60+ userpics so that I could choose the 6 I want. It was hard and I'm really tempted to pay LJ for more, but I know that I just don't post here enough to justify the vanity. I let my paid account lapse. I haven't used most of the features in a while and not to the level that the basic doesn't let me have, except for the userpics.

If you haven't caught on: I don't post here much. I have less and less time for long posts or reading other people's info and responding. It is hard and I miss the friends I've made here, but usually when I'm at work I have a few seconds here and there and when I get home I'm relaxing with video games and my boyfriend and bird than really sitting down at the computer.

Where I've gone: Facebook (I have this up constantly throughout the day), Twitter (minorly, mostly to follow other people), and Instant Messaging. My chat is usually set to available, even though I don't have time for major conversations. I'm on Google, ICQ, and AIM. Feel free to hit me up there to say hi and I'll try to reach out more myself. I've found that most people prefer not to be bothered though, so I tend not to initiate.

I won't not be here, any more than I already haven't. This is more a formal recognition of a reality than anything else. It feels like the end of an era in some ways, but not as heartwrenching as when Gblog left. I know that following isn't an option for many because to some extent I'm just not as present.

As an example, I started this entry before lunch and I finished it at 2:30.

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