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Time, have at thee!

Posted on 2008.10.23 at 15:58
Current Location: work
Current Mood: accomplishedBusy!
Give me back my workday yesterday!

*runs around like a chicken who believes its head is about to be cut off and is madly trying to prevent said event*


Angst (pity party)

Note to Self

Posted on 2008.10.20 at 14:09
Dear Self,

You know what Coffee does to you. Especially black coffee, not that cheating mocha stuff you usually do. Really especially early in the morning without food in your tummy first.

It rips up your tummy & your intestines. It makes for a severely unpleasant series of trips to the restroom in the afternoon.

Please, I know you got up at 6 AM this morning and were sleepy but is this pain really worth it? Really?

Try to avoid such in the future. Consider finding a way to have your morning tea while traveling.



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Ballot Rundown Tradition

Posted on 2008.10.15 at 11:19
For the past several years I've done a run down of how I'm going to vote on the props in the upcoming November election. Here is this years, though I admit in advance this is not *nearly* as well researched as past years and that I haven't reflected as long on my choices. That is not an invitation to flame, but if you have some easily digestible information, please feel free to share. Flamers WILL be deleted and I will not respond to trolls.

This is 100% about the Propositions on California's ballot. If you are not a Californian voter (or ex-Californian who is still interested), this will likely be boring and/or unreadable to you.

And on to the ballot...Collapse )

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Whirlwind Weekend

Posted on 2008.10.13 at 17:35
Current Mood: contentcontent
So, I ran away to Wisconsin for the weekend and saw friends get married, which was awesome. I had lots of fun and colossal mistakes learning experiences. I would love to post an in depth day by day break down of times gone past, but I find that I fail at having the time to complete my work so Long LJ entries go by the wayside.

I'll leave it as I'm very glad that Emrys has found someone who makes him happy and that people do change when they are happy instead of sad.

Was awesome to hang with the old crowd (was a minor 10 year reunion) and I'm so glad that jason_earp is a part of my life. He was my rock, my friend, my lover, my teacher, and my comfort throughout the weekend.


PS: I missed Syn terribly the entire time.

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I've got a secret...

Posted on 2008.09.22 at 18:02
No, not the Adam Sandler kindCollapse )

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2K Marin is Hiring (part 2)

Posted on 2008.09.16 at 15:29
Level Designer for 2K Marin Posting

Text of PostionCollapse )

Gamer Girl

2K Marin is Hiring

Posted on 2008.09.16 at 15:28
Call for interested friends. 2K Marin, developers of BioShock 2, is hiring:

Environmental Artist/World Builder
Level Designer

Details below the cut, but please send your requests for more info/resumes to me and I'll submit.  Level Designer in next post.

Details of PostingsCollapse )

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Return of Tor eBooks

Posted on 2008.09.11 at 11:06
Current Mood: happyhappy
Since I has mislead some of you that this was current when it had, in fact, been discontinued but HAS NOW RETURNED:

New giveaway e-books

More details next week--but yes, we plan to resume giving away selected e-books on Tor.com, at least one title per month. To download them you’ll need to not just visit Tor.com but register as a user; the downloads won’t be accessible until you do. Registering on the site takes maybe thirty seconds if you type particularly slowly...so Act Now, Act Without Thinking, get over to Tor.com and create yourself a user account today.

So, Tor.com = free eBooks. CELEBRATE


If anyone when they register figures out how to get your pass remailed that would be awesome, because I'm registered and get the newsletter but I can't relogin

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Things you learn

Posted on 2008.08.25 at 15:45
Current Mood: sillysilly
So, as part of my job* I'm covering for our Media Buyer until we get a new one. Which means I get a lot of magazines. I'm unsure really what I'm supposed to do with them (since I'm not actually going to place an ad, that's what we have an agency for), but it is interesting to flip through most of them.

Obviously, they are for a male demographic. Not a single Cosmo or Vogue in the bunch. But there is a GQ. Which is... um... huge. It is there special fashion issue, I think. It reeks of cologne seeping through the pages and the ages are downright scary.

Things I've learned:
1) Goth is back (did it ever leave?)
2) Huge Fur covered/trimmed hats are in for both men & women (also jackets).
2a) This personally makes me throw up a little in my mouth due to the ridiculousness of the outfits in city environs, but I can see others having hissy fits over the animal use.
3) I don't know anything about current music culture, but at least I do know who Justin Timberlake (aka "JT") is so I could read that article.
4) Does any straight male read GQ? Really? Cuz, AFAICT it is soft core porn for gay males and all about fashion/music and 90% of the articles written by women.


*Well, okay, not the job I got hired for (Marketing Coordinator = bridge between Marketing & Finance and mostly in charge of our Purchase Order and Invoicing systems), nor the job that I'm trying to move into (Downloadable Content Coordinator), nor the job that I was covering last week (Community Manager, focusing on Civilization Revolution), but the job that I really hope we are hiring someone for soon.

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This Just In - Dr. Horrible is Awesome

Posted on 2008.08.24 at 11:43
I'm not going to blame my friendslist for not telling me, because I know it was during the time I wasn't checking here regularly, but:

HOLY SHIT. So good! What happens when Joss Wheadon (and half his family) + Niel Patrick Harris (Doogie) + Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal) + Felicia Day (of The Guild & other stuff) get together during the writers strike?

They make something awesome

Go watch. I'm not telling you more, but guh. So. Good.


Gamer Girl

Team Fotress 2

Posted on 2008.08.22 at 11:52
What is it? Just the best team based game out there for First Person Shooters. If somehow you missed out on picking up the Orange Box, despite my adoration, I now have THREE (3) Guest Passes to let you play Team Fortress for THREE FULL DAYS (just in time to experience the Heavy Patch).

Three days, 72 hours. That's a lot of fragging. =]

You must have the Steam client for me to send you a pass and you must friend me on Steam (email me for my info if you can't find me on your own). Then I can send you a pass. The pass should then allow you download TF2. I'm unclear as to when the 72 hours starts, so you might want to hold off on Downloading until you know you have some time. OTOH, let's hear it for digital delivery! (I Love my Steam, yes I do).

I have some time this weekend that I could play with you if you want to try out with a friend, and I should still have them for Labor Day weekend if people wanted that instead.

So, poke me here. First 3 people who comment that they want them get them. BUT if you don't have steam and friend me I'll give to the next person.


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Questions about Publishing short Fiction Online

Posted on 2008.08.21 at 17:13
clipped from www.sfsite.com

Questions about publishing short fiction online

Gordon Van Gelder | August 21, 2008 |

* When you read a story online that you like, do you feel inclined to support the publisher of the piece?

* Have you ever subscribed to a print magazine on account of a story you read on their site?

* Most magazine publishers post their Hugo- and Nebula-nominated stories online for free. If F&SF started charging the cost of an issue to read these stories, would you do so?

* Do you think the prevalence of free short fiction online has made you less inclined to pay for short fiction?

And finally, please be aware that I plan to convert this post into an editorial for the print magazine, so don't post anything here that you wouldn't want me to reprint.  If you'd like to comment but don't want to do so in public, you can use the Contact Us form on our Website (here: http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/contact.htm).  Write "DNQ" on your email if you don't want to be quoted.

The above is from Gordan Van Gelder, Chief Editor of F&F Magazine. (edit) He is the asking. Please respond to HIS entry, not mine (unless you like sharing)There is a lot more that sets up the quiz, and I do think it is worth reading. If you are a fan of short fiction for SF, please take a gander.

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Best RickRoll Evar

Posted on 2008.08.20 at 21:52
Current Mood: amusedamused
Obama Names Musician Rick Astley as Running Mate

The article is hilarious and makes some great digs at Obama, Rick, Cory and Dean. It had me going until I checked the date. It would be awesome in all the wrong ways.

And, of course, if you haven't seen the video below, you should:

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Article on Villany

Posted on 2008.08.20 at 20:14
Clipped from io9.com

Why We Deserve Better Villains And How To Get Them

1) They get redeemed.
2) Too much information.
3) They become analogs of real-life nasties.
4) We see too much of their world.
5) Too many defeats.
6) Too many victories.
7) The villain that's a reflection of the hero

But in our science fictional daydreams, those forces are actually too evil to compromise with. And as a result the heroes we identify with have no choice but to fight to their last breaths. You can't dicker with a giant robot that wants to destroy the world, you just can't. We need that outlet in our heroic stories.

Say what you like about Joss Whedon: his villains almost always have real darkness and threat, even when they're being funny or cute.

There is more than the clips here, but it gives you a good starting point. This article focusing mainly on movie villians, but I think all writers of any stripe can take good notes from this article and learn how to create some true villains.

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Reclassifying Contraceptives to Abortions

Posted on 2008.08.14 at 22:15
While the media may be conflating more that is actually being targeted, I'm high against the idea that IUDs and standard Birth Control Pills (and even Plan B) be considered abortion. This has largely to do with the fact that I don't believe that life starts at conception. If, however, one does believe that the moment an egg is fertilized that a life is born, I can try to see the logic. But not that because that person in a position of power believes that can dictate to someone who does not that that person not be allowed the option to engage in protected sex without a physical barrier. Clips are of partial article, key paragraphs chosen. ClipsCollapse )

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Weekly Updates

Posted on 2008.08.14 at 11:02
Here at work I'm in charge of herding cats ensuring that people update a document weekly for my Senior VP. She takes the document to Corporate. It is a thing that should be done, but was often left to the way side, because no one wants to do it. I considered several options for replacing the current system (a single Word Doc, on the network, with a list of names for removal after you update), but really instituting something would be more pain that it is worth in the long run.

I send out two reminders per week for this. One on Wednesday to the whole list to let them know the doc is up and ready. And one on Thursday to remind them I need the updates by End of Day.

Both emails are basically also a request for funny/silly emails to blow off steam. I try to keep the reminders light, but people know that I'll walk to their office on Thursday if they aren't done, and it earned me the name Tek-9 early on here. So, I joke around with that and get jokes back. Several Photoshops of me have occurred as well as other picture wars.

It makes me laugh, smile and giggle to know that these 25-40 year olds constantly harass me and each other as a show of love.

Snippets include:Collapse )

Attention ME!!!!

Note to GRRM

Posted on 2008.08.11 at 15:33
Dear Ser,

I re-read "The Hedge Knight" last night. It was lovely, again. And shorter (and slightly less heart wrenching) than re-reading the series of 4 books in The Song of Ice & Fire. I still enjoy your writing and your world.

After I finished and wiped the small wetness from my eye, I was tempted to visit your website to see if there was an update. Or more specifically, THE update. You know the one. The one that everyone is waiting for. The one where in you can hear the rejoicing sounding from the walls as a hundred thousand geeks voices join in unison. The one you will post (you will won't you?) saying that A DANCE WITH DRAGONS is finished. I know you know that we all want that, as you have continually posted updates that are defending against the swell of fans.

And yet, there is no update. There is no Dance with Dragons. There is only the ghost of a novel ever dancing at the edge of reality, and yet never manafesting.

I swear to the Seven, good ser, if you should pull a Robert Jordan and die before you finish this opus, I will beseech the Father to send the Warrior to bring you back from the Stranger and lay you at the feet of the Mother and force you to write under the Smith's guidance and the Maiden's inspiration before you are allowed to revisit the Crone.




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Posted on 2008.08.11 at 14:45
I actually laughed at this one.
 blog it

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*tap tap* This thing on??

Posted on 2008.08.10 at 20:39
After 2 weeks my home computer is now up and running again. Of course, it has had most of its guts replaced and I've shed blood (small drop), sweat and tears getting it there (and money, and Chesh has done much of the same). But it is back up now.


Let's never fight again, home Computer... PLEASE???/

Gamer Girl

Reason #656 Why I love my Job

Posted on 2008.08.08 at 16:13
Lunch today = Pizza, Soda and Smack Talk over Soul Calibur IV. Marketing versus Product Development. Grudge match.

Marketing lost horribly, but we like to think that is because unlike people who are paid to play games all day long (including playing Soul Calibur IV for the last three days) we work during the day. But they say it was because we lack skills (I fared horribly, I have only played for an hour total).

Grudge Match Round 2 Next Friday!


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By way of Chrisfs - It's called epMotion

Posted on 2008.07.22 at 15:32
Current Mood: sillysilly
Tags: , , ,

Sound warning. Also: Laughter warning.

The most hilarious and effective ad I've ever seen for an automated pipetting system. I WANT ONE. I'm not in chemistry anymore and I want one!!!

shanasuer & katann & vsherbie, back me up on this...


Angst (pity party)

Things that are not on my list of happy

Posted on 2008.07.22 at 13:47
1) Coming home to a computer that first won't talk to my monitor and now won't even turn on. Yay for the parts replacement dance.
2) End of the financial month and/or Quarter. Basically: STRESS TIME
3) People who refuse to fill out simple forms, thereby adding stress and wasted time to my day.
4) People who don't put subjects in the subject line. Really, I don't know why this bothers me so much but it does.
5) People who don't respond to my emails. Even when marked high priority and in an effort to push something for them that is 'urgent'.


Life am still overall good, just having a sense of ennui today.


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Not Dead

Posted on 2008.07.18 at 14:54
Current Mood: tiredtired
Back from E3. Home safe & sound. Very tired. Didn't see a lot. There was no schwag (unless you were let in the super sekrit meetings upstairs, press only). I had fun, but right now my feet want a foot rub and I just wanna sleep.

Also: Dark Knight was pure awesome and made me sad all over again. Hats off to Mr. Heath Ledger, taken before his time.


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Last Bragging, I swear

Posted on 2008.07.09 at 10:36
Current Location: work
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Tags: , ,
Today, I have in my hot little hands:

This is the first game that I really feel like I worked on here. I was here for MLB2K8, for Don King Prizefighter Presents and TopSpin3, but I worked a lot on my own on Civilization Revolution and I have poured many hours into work on the Downloadable Content (if you've downloaded any trailer, demo, theme, or gamer pic for this game, I helped make that happen, and there is more to come).

My name is in the credits. I've 'shipped' a game (as Marketing, which is not the same as coding it, but I go with my strengths).

And for those of you asking for a preview from the theme I spoke of previously:

Preview of ThemeCollapse )

Gamer Girl

Gaming Stuff

Posted on 2008.07.01 at 20:59
Current Mood: sillysilly
Yay Diablo 3. Boo Starcraft II confirmed not be this year.

Yay me probably going to E3. OMFG massive amount of work to do at E3.


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